The Twisted Cross was designed by Betty Shaffer Rigney a member of CACC-UCC and at the time the chairperson of the Interior Design Committee and planned the interior of the sanctuary.twistedcross2 The cross was an anonymous gift in memory of all loved ones of those who worship here.

We are including some excerpts from the sermon titled "The Twisted Cross" by Reverend George C. Vance (pastor of CACC-UCC, 1959-1970) for you to consider and contemplate.

This sermon is not meant to be a sermon on the philosophy of the cross, important as that might be, it is meant to be a sermon on the symbolism of this cross, this "Twisted Cross," as I see it and as it suggests itself to me.

First, I see here "Grace," the restraining grace of Christ and God. Most crosses of yesterday are stark, rigid and angular. There they are -- fixed, foreboding, rigid and angular. There they are -- fixed, foreboding, and factual; then they gave a take it or leave it attitude, a believe-and-be-saved or doubt-and-be-damned. There were only two extremes possible; either the cross was a mystery before which we must kneel and pray, or it was nonsense--white was white and black was black and there was no bridge between to span the chasm of differentness.

But this cross is more in tune with the modern concept of religion; it has no angular edges. There is a distinct unity in this cross; we know it is a cross of Jesus Christ, but because of its flow and movement it seems to go in all directions; the harsh edges have been modified by the flowing lines of it's body. It is grace personified, and if this be the symbolism, I am much in accord with its purpose.

There is one more thing this twisted cross says to me. It means penetration; it means getting out of the sanctuary into the world. The rigid, straight crosses seem to me to confine the cross to the walls of a church. But this grace, this movement and action has a feel about it that it penetrates outward, out of these sacred walls, so that the cross gets out of the sanctuary to bless the world. And here is a great need for the Church of God today. Make no mistake about it, we need what happens in the church and I shall never de-emphasize that, but when religion stays in the church it stinks.  Do you remember the words of the Reverend Mr. Griffith in "How Green Was My Valley," who after forty years of ministering to the Welsh congregation through thick and thin and trying to help them see the message of god, said at the end, "All I can say is, they put on black and sat in chapel." The greatest procession in the church, the greatest musterings of robes and gowns, of crowns and miters, of swinging incense pots and pomp galore is nothing compared to one disciple of Christ going out into the world to be of service.

This is our gospel; not only that the church shall be redeemed, but that the world shall be saved. And in the works of Vachel Lindsay we sing "This is our faith tremendous. Our sure hope, who shall scorn that in the name of Jesus the world shall be reborn?" Grace, Action and Movement, Penetration into the world - Let this cross symbolize our fellowship.


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