Calling all congregational members and friends! Even though the school year just ended in May and doesn’t start again until August, it is time for us to start thinking about buying school supplies for next year. We’re just like the industrious squirrels securing supplies for the winter while we can. The following list is a request from Keeling Elementary but don’t feel you can’t “color outside the lines” and buy anything school related. The teachers love surprise supplies!! If you are away
from Tucson for the summer and want to help you can send a cash donation to the church and we will buy the supplies for you! There will be a box in the Narthex labeled “Keeling School Supplies” from mid-June through July for accepting donations. Or, you can drop off your donations in the
office. Thank you so much for helping make a difference in the lives of our Keeling Kids yet again!

Dry Erase Markers, Crayons (8,16,25), Pencils (#2 only), Pink Pearl Erasers, Hand Sanitizer, Pencil Top Erasers, Kleenex, Glue Sticks, Scotch Tape (for dispenser), Crayola Markers (Thin and Broad), Pocket Folders (only if on a “super sale”!), Spiral Notebooks, Wide Ruled (only if on a “super sale”!), Highlighters (various colors), Loose Leaf Filler Paper (Wide Rule), Ruled Index Cards (3 x 5).

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