Many of us cherish those memories of opening gifts on Christmas morning with gift wrap covering the floor and squeals of delight filling the air. Unfortunately not all kids are so lucky. This is where we come in to ‘play Santa’ for our least fortunate families at Keeling Elementary School.

You can help!
- You may buy any toy you deem appropriate for school age children. Anything from a package of Pokémon cards to a shiny new bicycle is OK!
- You may also buy any age-appropriate clothing (socks, jackets, pajamas, etc)
- You may to pick a “K” from the Christmas tree in McNear Hall starting Sunday, November 26th.

There are no price guidelines to adhere to. Please do not wrap your gifts; deliver them to church no later than Dec. 10th. Parents will be able to ‘shop’ from the items we provide (at Keeling) and give them to their children on Christmas!

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