Charlie Wippermann led another great hike on February 18, in Oro Valley. We hiked the Honey Bee Trail. There was a good turnout, even with the potential for some rain. It did look a little ominous in parts of the sky, but we stayed dry.
170218HikeGroup  170218HikeOminous 

You can see the petroglyphs behind our group photo above. Here are a couple of better shots of the petroglyphs. Charlie and Phil Hunger were aware we would see these during our hike.



 Here we are heading up the trail, with the sun at our backs. It was a cool morning, in the low 60s, which made the hike very comfortable.

170218HikePeople1 170218HikePeople5

Here are a couple of more "people pics".

170218HikePeople2 170218HikePeople4 170218HikeMich2

And, finally, our trek back after a great hike. You can see the desert vegetation in background of the pictures. The desert is truely amazing. Bonnie Mardian is a frequent hiker on these Casas Adobes adventures. It is great to have her, with her extensive knowledge of the desert flora and fauna.



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