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Membership and Fellowship within a church are essential to progress.  Being a Congregational Church, our members lead the church.  They vote on our annual budget, they lead the Ministries, and they choose our Missions and long-term path of the church.  We currently have almost 300 members, all having their own ideas, hobbies, and goals.  There is something for everyone at CACC-UCC: the Eclectic Book Club, Bridge, Advent Festival, the Fall Picnic, Bike Ride, Hiking, monthly luncheons (see more information below), and the Stitch Witches, all of which are supported by the Ministry of Stewardship.

New Member Classes are generally held twice a year, led by the Senior Pastor and the Membership Team.  These classes go over the history of CACC-UCC and include discussions about faith and where you are on your journey.  You are also given a tour of the campus and a shepherd (a veteran member to help guide you as you join).

We generally offer New Member classes twice each year.  See our Upcoming Events page or call the office if you are interested in signing up.

The Membership Team sponsors potluck luncheons.  These are lots of fun, very informal, and you never know what you’re going to eat.  You can sign up during Coffee Hour on the two Sundays prior to each Potluck, or by calling the office at 297-1181.

Legacy Fund

Casas Adobes Church Legacy FundOur congregation is a caring one.  We care about each other, as well as our community.  Income from the Legacy Fund’s investments will strengthen Casas Adobes Congregational Church’s ability to respond to future needs and opportunities, both within our congregation and within our wider community.
A strong Legacy Fund can do much to sustain the current ministries of Casas Adobes Congregational Church as well as expand its abilities in the future.
In the Spring of 2013, the church set up an endowment-like fund: Legacy Fund, with seed funding from the Reserves bank account of $75,000.  Once the fund grows to $500,000, through one-time donations and bequests, the annual interest and dividends will be made available to church leadership to supplement the annual budget for strategic initiatives desired by the Congregation, or for capital campaigns.

If you are interested in learning more about the Legacy Fund, email the office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a member of the team will be in touch with you.
    Legacy Fund Brochure
    Legacy Fund Policy
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What is Stewardship?
The dictionary describes stewardship as the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.  In many churches, stewardship is overseeing and protecting the church itself.  At CACC-UCC, we take that a few steps further.  Our church is worth caring for and preserving, and our members and friends are worth caring for and preserving.  Our neighbors, our community, our town, our state, our nation and beyond, are all worth caring for and preserving.

You are called to be saints...
Romans 1:7a

The Casas Adobes Congregational Church-UCC is a congregation that is compassionate about the challenges that face people locally and in our broader world. “You are called to be saints...”, as it says in Romans 1:7a. Our compassionate church does indeed “Live the Story” by mentoring children, feeding the hungry, teaching people to be self- sufficient, and aiding people in constructing housing. With your help our compassionate church will be able to meet its challenge to continue to Live the Story as God intends in the 2018 Program Year.

How can I support Stewardship at CACC-UCC?
Financial support: Our annual budget is compiled during the fall of each year and voted on by the Congregational, typically on the second Sunday in January.  By understanding what our revenue might be each year as designated by family pledges, we can accurately project what we will be able to fund in the way of general operating expenses, Sunday School, Mission projects, etc.

Time and Talent: The church has many activities and projects, in addition to those that are a part of Sunday Worship.  There is something for everyone to do and volunteering is a wonderful way to meet other members. 

We describe Stewardship as giving your time, talent, and treasure.  During October and November of each year, we ask for our members and friends to make a pledge to CACC-UCC.  This pledge is a mixture of their time, talents, and treasures.  A monetary pledge helps keep the church open; it pays for utilities, insurance, and payroll.  It also contributes money to the Missions and Ministries of CACC-UCC.  A pledge of time and talent is a gift to the church in the form of volunteering.  We ask our members and friends to join our Ministries and Teams in an area they find interesting, be it Worship, Publicity, Physical Resources (keeping our beautiful campus looking that way), helping in the office, or perhaps volunteering to help cook for the Primavera Men’s Shelter once a month.

We conduct an annual pledge campaign for financial support and time and talent, but you can sign up anytime!


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